About this site

In recent years Islam has been hijacked by extremists for their own aims, and the media has continuously used inflammatory reporting and helped to cement many misunderstandings in people’s minds.

The aim of this site is simply to present true Islam, educate, encourage understanding and discussion.

So some things need to be made clear:
We are not here to try and force anyone to convert – We are simply trying to reclaim what has always been a beautiful faith, and educate.
We are not scholars – So if you find a mistake, don’t get upset. Just get in touch and we will correct it.
We are not here to debate or prove anyone wrong – So if you are looking for a fight, move on.
We get it – We know people are upset and worried about what they see and hear (especially in the media). If this applies to you, then this is your chance to learn the truth and have a discussion.
We are not here to apologise for anyone doing something stupid and using Islam as an excuse. Nor are we expecting any other faith to apologise for atrocities carried out by a individuals ascribing themselves to that particular faith.

Finally, we hope you enjoy this site and find it informative. Please get in touch if you want to chat, ask questions or have any way that we can improve. Thank you.