Reviews - Tuition Students

Assalaamu Alaikum
I came across Destination Islam one day through browsing Instagram and I was instantly drawn to it.  I wanted to learn to pray according to Sunnah, as I felt I was not praying correctly.  Destination Islam seemed perfect to me as it offered free 1 to 1 tuition over zoom, with someone I did not know.  Being 41 years old I did not want to be embarrassed & judged. This was not the case when I had my 1st tuition with my tutor, who made me feel comfortable and totally at ease.  The lessons are extremely enjoyable and well informed, opening your eyes to lots of knowledge and information about salah.  I can not thank my tutor enough and would recommend Destination Islam to anyone who wants to learn more about Islam.
Thank you

Walaikum Salam, 
Apologies for the delay in responding.
As a new revert so much is new and unfamiliar but I have found the 1 to 1 tuition with Destination Islam extremely helpful in learning the fundamentals of prayer which is so important to establishing Islam in my life. My teacher has patiently guided me through the words and actions of the prayer and answered any questions I have, meaning I have progressed much more quickly than I would have done alone. Having direct personal contact with a tutor means issues are addressed and dealt with as they arise so that I can progress more and more in the deen. I am very happy and grateful to Allah for the work done by Destination Islam. I highly recommend the service they provide.

Walakumsaalm brother,
Since working with Destination Islam my knowledge of the deen has really improved. I reverted to Islam on 27th April 2022 and not long after I joined the Salah sessions which lasted 4 weeks. During the sessions I got some really good advice as to how to pray and prepare for prayers (Wudo)
After the four weeks my tutor very kindly offered to provide Arabic lessons which is fantastic because this will give me the opportunity to be able to read the Quran and also improve my pronunciation when praying .
The service I have received from Destination Islam has been excellent they are always on time, friendly and very helpful.
I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to build their Iman e.g. reverts or if you want to refresh your Salah or Arabic knowledge as an existing Muslim to use Destination Islam because they have supported me a lot during journey as a Muslim. 

Salaam Alaykum,
I want to say Jazakallah to everyone at Destination Islam. I have learned so much over the last 4 months. I am so grateful to my teacher who has been very understanding. I was not rushed and he was happy to patiently explain things as many times as I wanted.
I leaned Islam and how to pray when I was younger and needed to refresh and learn how to pray correctly. I am happy to say that I am a lot more confident when I pray, and the Islam course helped me answer a lot of questions.
I have recommended this course to many friends.

Salaam brother 
First I of all am so grateful to my Allah who has lead me to his course if I didn’t see it on Facebook I wouldn’t know about it. Secondly I am so grateful to brother ….. who has kindly done a wonderful job with his Wednesday’s course. I have learnt so much about Salat and other Islam knowledge that I didn’t know about.I would be so grateful if I can have a one to one lesson which I don’t mind paying for so I can sit my children next to me and make them understand Islam in the lovely way you teach it.
May Allah grant to lots of health & happiness and process for what you are providing for us all.
Jazakallah khair 

Aslaam Alaikum,
Following attending the Salah course, I would like to firstly say a huge and sincere thank you. Thank you for providing and delivering precise and accurate information around the mechanics of how Salah is delivered, both in a physical and spiritual sense. Coupled with the time taken out of your day, diligence in the delivery and at no expense to the end user has been a true investment of my time. 
I was always scared of taking the “first step” into praying by getting worried about doing something wrong in my Salah. However, you have demystified the whole process and enabled all to understand the difference between optional and mandatory steps when offering Salah. By attending your short, in-depth course, I can confidently say that I now pray all 5 Salaah at the stipulated times, all because of the knowledge that you have shared. May Allah SWT reward you and the whole team for all your efforts and grant you the highest ranks in Jannah, Ameen.
If it isn’t too much trouble, I would like to request for a soft copy of the material that was shared during the course. My family were very surprised with what I had shared to them following the course and explaining the difference between Fardh and Sunnah prayer was a new concept to them.
… (Recomendations for improvement gratefully received)
I hope the above observations will be of some use, but please note that the whole experience has truly been life changing. You also included within the course information about how to contain Kushoo in Salah which is something that no other provider has ever delivered before. For that I would like to again extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.