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Learn Fatiha & Salah Recitation - 1 to 1

Why should you learn how to recite Al-Fatiha correctly?
* Fatiha is the heart of Salah
* Fatiha is a coversation with Allaah
* Fatiha is a Pillar of Salah
* Reciting incorrectly can change the meaning
Most importantly,
Al-Fatiha is the key to attaining Khushoo in Salah

From £7.00 (Per 30 Min Lesson)

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UPDATE: We have many people registering but then not answering their phone when we call. We will call you from an 0116 prefix number. Please do not register if you do not like to answer your phone, it just wastes our time. Jazaak’Allaah Khair.