Muslim men and women must dress modestly. Hijaab literally means ‘to cover’ and is generally used to refer to the covering a Muslim woman (Muslimah) adopts out of modesty when in public. It is one aspect out of a wider context of purity of thought and action for both men and women. This includes lowering one’s gaze, avoiding free-mixing with the opposite gender, behaving in a proper manner in necessary interactions with the opposite gender, etc. Due to differences in temperament and nature between men and women, a greater degree of privacy is required for women. Hijaab protects a Muslimah – it is not a sign of authority of man over woman. A Muslimah’s standards of modesty come from God, and not from man. A Muslimah’s hijaab is not a sign of subjugation or oppression, but of her obedience to God, her acceptance of His guidance, and the inner peace and serenity that comes with that.