Why we are now making a small nominal charge for all 1 to 1 bookings from 21 Jan 2022.

Alhumdulillaah, we have been able to provide completely free tuition for over a year now. All the work has been funded by donations.

Unfortunately, we have realised when you offer something for free it seems to be valued a lot less then when people are forced to pay for something. Let’s face it, some people will jump to sign up for anything free (we know, we have been doing this for a while), and then not bother attending, attending late, or only attending when it suits them.

Over the last few months over 50% of our 1 to 1 free tuition bookings have been either no shows, or cancelled/rescheduled at the last minute!

Our tutors are prepared to give up their time unpaid to assist people on a 1 to 1 basis, something which would normally cost approximately £25 – £45 per hour. Cancelled last minute free tuition slots means that the tutor is unable to re-book either a free or a paid booking. The time is wasted and it also means that someone else misses out.

So, it is with regret, for the first time we have been forced to charge a nominal non-refundable small booking fee (£6/hr for daytime bookings) to reserve a tuition slot. This is purely to discourage no shows and cancellations. To be clear the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be lost if you are unable to attend for ANY REASON, even if you wish to reschedule for another time. The fee is paid direct to the tutor.

Please only book if you are planning to attend, and treat this like any other paid appointment.