Cancellation, Re-Schedule or No Show Charge - Applicable to free 1 to 1 courses.

We are committed to providing free tuition but unfortunately when something is free is seems to be undervalued.
Over the last few months over 50% of our 1 to 1 free tuition bookings have been either no shows, or cancelled/rescheduled repeatedly.

This means that the tutors time is wasted and it also means that someone else misses out.

So, it is with regret, for the first time we have been forced to introduce the following policy:

1. A refundable deposit (£15) is now required when you start studying with us. ALL LESSONS ARE FREE AND YOU CAN CONTINUE BOOKING LESSONS FOR AS LONG AS YOU WISH. Your deposit will be returned once you decide not to book any further lessons.

2. All bookings are final and you will lose your deposit if you do not show up, or are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, or you cancel/reschedule your appointment for ANY REASON. You will need to pay another deposit to continue.

The deposit is paid direct to the tutor. Please do not embarrass your tutor by expecting anything different from the policy stated above.